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Top 20 Cinco De Mayo Gifts That You Shouldn’t Miss

May 03, 2022

20 Cinco De Mayo Gifts You Shouldn’t Miss

Mexico is well-known for its historic sites and diverse cultures. While you're in Mexico, why not take part in the Cinco De Mayo celebrations and sample some of the country's famous piñatas? Enjoy the week-long events as well as the local customs! It happens on the 5th of May every year, making it a perfect time of year to visit the nation.
It's a wonderful time of year since summer and hot weather are approaching. Get the margaritas, tacos, and chili peppers ready because you're in for a genuine treat! Are you looking for Cinco De Mayo gift ideas? Let's have a look at our 20 things for you for this special day!

cinco de mayo piñata

1. Cinco De Mayo Piñata

Your Cinco De Mayo party will be a smash with the donkey piñata! Piñatas are a popular addition to celebrations, especially around the holidays in Mexico. Fruits and candies such as guavas, oranges, jicamas, sugar cane pieces, tejocotes, and wrapped sweets can be used to fill this 16-inch piñata. Some piñatas contain "traps" of flour, confetti, or water.

cinco de mayo piñata

2. Cinco De Mayo Canvas Prints

Why not give canvas presents this holiday season? The canvas may be used to decorate your house as well as to add your personal touch, making it one-of-a-kind for you and making you or the person you gift it to happy every time you look at it.

Cinco De Mayo Canvas Prints
Cinco De Mayo Canvas Prints

3. Cinco De Mayo Mug

Are you looking for a unique Cinco De Mayo present for a coffee or tea enthusiast? The Cinco De Mayo mug is the ideal companion to her or his everyday beverages. While enjoying morning coffee or afternoon tea, this mug will delight her/him as well.

cinco de mayo mug

4. Taco Tray Stands In Stainless Steel

Tired of your filled tacos leaking all over the place? Tacos are notoriously messy to eat, with the shell crumbling nearly instantly after a mouthful. Fortunately, the remedy is straightforward. Here's the perfect taco holder set to make eating tacos a breeze. You can now stuff your tacos to the brim without fear of them shattering.

Taco Tray Stands In Stainless Steel

5. Cinco De Mayo Garland

The Cinco De Mayo garland is beautiful, festive, fun, and colorful! The garland's model is constructed of grapevines, so it won't bend. Bright pink, orange, turquoise, green, purple, and yellow bows, as well as a colorful patterned ribbon, are used throughout the garland. The colors are really brilliant and stunning.

Cinco De Mayo Garland

6. Cinco De Mayo Earrings

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind Cinco de Mayo present for your girlfriend? These skull earrings would make a wonderful present for her. Because these stud or dangle earrings are created from hypoallergenic materials, they are safe to wear. As a result, these earrings are ideal for celebrating the approaching Cinco De Mayo event!

Cinco De Mayo Earrings

7. Disposable Dinnerware For A Mexican Fiesta Party On Cinco De Mayo

These 24 disposable dinnerware sets are perfect for a Cinco De Mayo Mexican fiesta. Plastic knives, spoons, forks, paper plates, napkins, and cups are among the items included. Plastic silverware comes in a rainbow of hues. Guitars, sombreros, jalapenos, cacti, piñatas, and maracas are among the lovely themes on these items.

cinco de mayo dinnerware sets

8. Mexican Fiesta Party Gift Box

Give this Mexican Fiesta Party Gift Box to make your special one smile! This fiesta gift box will give your loved one a taste of Mexico. All of the products in this gift box are 100% genuine. It could be a little party piñata, cactus candle, Mexican candy, and more are included in the gift!

Mexican Fiesta Party Gift Box

9. Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Square Dinner Plate

These Mexican dinner plates will make your main meal a bit more festive, no matter what else is served at your fiesta! They're an absolute must-have for your fiesta and Cinco De Mayo party supplies! These paper plates may be placed on your buffet table for convenient access. Alternatively, you might put one on the party table to establish the tone.

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Square Dinner Plate

10. Sombrero Head Boppers For Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Party

Come on, be a knucklehead and show your moves! With this sombrero head bopper, you may drink and dance! This feathery headgear with bouncing sequined sombreros will make you stand out. Get a handful to hand out to your guests or to use as photo booth accessories. Wherever you are, there will be plenty of opportunities to have a good time.

Sombrero Head Boppers

11. Mexican Cocktail Kit

A unique cocktail is served at Mexican festivals to make them even more joyful. They're served in clay cups called cantaritos de barro and are meant to be sipped while walking. The clay keeps the beverage chilled and, according to some, enhances its flavor. If you can't make it to a zócalo, you can make this drink with a made-in-Mexico kit at home.

Mexican Cocktail Kit

12. Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

This original set will allow you to brew real hot chocolate, as it has been done in Mexico for years. To achieve an unique Mexican flavor, pure cacao is combined with ground almonds, pecans, walnuts, and cinnamon. With the hand-carved molinillo whisk and the hand-molded clay jug, all you have to do is mix and froth the ingredients!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

13. Mini Wooden Fiesta Maracas

At Cinco De Mayo-themed celebrations, birthday parties, and school music activities, the instruments may create a soothing sound for the youngsters to enjoy. These cheerful instruments are also available in six different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. As a result, they'll liven up your gatherings!

Mini Wooden Fiesta Maracas

14. Taco Plastic Tablecloth

As much as you'd like to cover your table with actual tacos, it's a predicament that would necessitate a significant amount of cleanup following your fiesta. Instead, use this taco tablecloth to cover your table. This festive tablecloth is ideal for taco night or any event including a taco buffet. Cleanup will be a breeze with this disposable tablecloth.

Taco Plastic Tablecloth

15. Mexican Kitchen Towels

Because of its versatility, servilletas are extensively utilized in Mexican kitchens for a variety of applications. They'll be ready to assist dry the dishes if you hang it near the sink. They keep the meal warm through supper when wrapped in tortillas. They are napkins or placemats that are placed on the table. It's handmade in Mexico utilizing mechanized looms.

Mexican Kitchen Towels

16. Mexican Tortilla Warmer

Nestle your flatbreads in the exquisite comfort of this classic Mexican tortillero to show them some love. Its vibrant colors and colorful plant themes deliver breathtaking Mexican artwork to your table, hand-painted in the centuries-old majolica style. For added warmth, the resilient clay keeps newly produced or pre-heated tortillas toasty.

Mexican Tortilla Warmer

17. Mexican Embroidery Apron

Cook up something genuinely wonderful with this handcrafted apron, whether it's chicken molé, pozole, or chilaquile. It reflects Mexico City's vibrant colors with embroidered motifs of birds, butterflies, and flowers. The front pocket gives plenty of storage for all of your tools of the trade. We can't guarantee that it will boost your cooking skills, but at the very least, you'll look the part.

Mexican Embroidery Apron
Mexican Embroidery Apron

18. Cinco De Mayo Mexican Fiesta Poncho Costume

Are you looking for a fabulous and stylish Cinco De Mayo gift? This Mexican fiesta poncho costume is an ideal choice for Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Because the poncho is made of 100% polyester, it will be quite pleasant to wear. It also comes in a single size that will suit most people. This bright poncho is a wonderful way to dress up for a fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo Costume

19. Mexican Sombrero Cooler Cinco De Mayo Drink Holder

Looking for an useful and entertaining Cinco De Mayo gift? This inflatable Mexican sombrero cooler holds approximately ten 12-ounce drink cans and makes a terrific gift. It's also a lovely decoration to use on the dining table at any time of year for a Mexican-themed celebration.

Cinco De Mayo Drink Holder

20. Cinco De Mayo Necklaces

Your colorful fiesta will be spiced up with these fiesta beaded necklaces! They make fantastic party decorations for Cinco de Mayo festivities, Mexican party celebrations, birthday parties, and many more occasions. Because the numerous bead designs are so vivid, they will make everyone happy. They'll be a hit at your celebrations in either scenario!

Cinco De Mayo Necklaces

For Cinco De Mayo, What Do You Gift Someone?

In the past, most Mexicans gathered together in and out of the office to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo." For instance, a friendly office guacamole competition or after-work margaritas and tacos. Nowadays, giving gifts in this holiday is no longer rare and is steadily becoming more popular, so let send them excellent Cinco De Mayo presents from our list above!

Happy Cinco De Mayo

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