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Interesting Mother's Day Facts And Different “Version” From Around The World

May 08, 2022

Interesting Mother's Day Facts And Different “Version” From Around The World

Even though it only happens once a year, this is a chance for youngsters to anticipate seeing their loving mother. Mother's Day is a day to honor moms and those who have loved and cared for us as if we were their own children. However, few people are aware that Mother's Day has had its ups and downs throughout its history.

Each country has its own "version" of Mother's Day, with varied celebration times. So, what are they and what is interesting about this day? Let’s find out with MakedTee.

You may be surprised to know that Mother's Day was not originally initiated to honor mothers. The purpose of the holiday is to teach young mothers how to raise their children in the best way. Ann Jarvis is the one who gave birth to this holiday.

The details can be found in this article.

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The Meaning Of Mother's Day

A mother's love is a precious and noble emotion characterized by a mother's unwavering devotion for her child. It is a sentiment that everyone values and appreciates. There are billions of mothers in the globe, and many angels who are always by their sides, watching over, and safeguarding their children.

Therefore, Mother's Day was created to allow children who have grown up in her love and care to express their thanks and filial piety to their parents' birth.

So, for this holiday, you can make heartfelt gifts like making a card, cooking a delicious dinner, hugging her, or buying meaningful personalized gifts for your mother with the warmest and most heartfelt messages that will definitely make her smile.

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Interesting Facts About Mother’s Day

#1. Who actually initiated Mother's Day is still a mystery. In addition to Ann and Anna Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, Mary Towels and Juliet Calhoun are also known to be closely related to the birth of this holiday.

#2. For Mother's Day to be widely recognized as it is today, the top credit belongs to Anna Jarvis. After deciding to quit her job in 1912, Anna Jarvis founded the International Mother's Day Association. She made use of all her connections and personally wrote handwritten letters to state agencies to make this holiday recognized.

#3. Anna Jarvis was never a mother. She is unmarried and has devoted her life to Mother's Day in various forms.

#4. On the day of Anna Jarvis' death, Mother's Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries around the world.

#5. There were many protests that broke out on Mother's Day. The protesters wanted to take this opportunity to expose the inequality as well as the hardship that women are suffering.

#6. Dads are likely to feel sorry for themselves, but the truth is that people prefer mom to dad. People frequently purchase more gifts for their mothers than for their fathers.

#7. The number of greeting cards sent out placed third in the year, according to statistics.

#8. On Mother's Day, restaurants and cafes are always the busiest.

#9. On Mother's Day, more phone calls are made than at any other time of the year.

#10. Anna Jarvis of Grafton, West Virginia, sent 500 white flowers to Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in 1908. This is a tribute to his cherished mother, Ann Jarvis. As a result, this lovely blossom becomes the symbolic flower of this special occasion.

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Mother's Day Celebrations Differ From Country To Country

• In The UK And Ireland

In the UK and Ireland, there is no "Mother's Day" celebration along with it in the US, but it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of the Christian fasting month. This day is also known as "Mother's Sunday" in the UK.

On this day Irish people show their love and respect by giving Mother flowers and cards. They served Mother's breakfast in bed and invited her out for a sumptuous dinner, then went on to enjoy great comedies.

In addition, the British also give roses, carnations and chrysanthemums as popular gifts on this holiday. They also have a tradition of making Simmel - peach almond cakes for Mother.

• In Australia

Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday in May, as is common in the United States. This day is viewed as a chance for Australians to express their thanks to Mother. Furthermore, children will express their love for their mother by giving flowers and cards.

On Mother's Day, Australians also wear carnations as a custom. This flower symbolizes their mother's meaning and shows respect to the deceased mother. Besides their biological mother, they also show respect to their grandmother or the women who have always loved and cared for them.

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• In the US

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, this is a very big and solemn holiday every year. This occasion is also considered the third biggest holiday after Christmas and Valentine's Day.

On this day, every house hangs a flag to show respect to mothers across the country. For young children, they show their love for their mother by serving breakfast at the bed.

The ritual of sending flowers is also quite popular in the United States, and they frequently utilize carnations since they have a symbolic meaning for Mother's Day, especially red or pink. Young children often sing songs or perform in plays, as well as give cards and gifts to their mothers.

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• In Japan

On this holiday, children will draw a painting of their mother, which is a special gift for her that Japanese people give.

• In Korea

This is a day designated by law in Korea as a national holiday. On this day, all children, whether busy or working far away, will try to arrange work to return to their family members, spend time together to express filial piety to their parents.

• In Vietnam

Mother's Day in Vietnam is a day of honor, respect, and gratitude for moms all around the world, as the names imply. Mother's Day is also celebrated in Vietnam, not just on March 8 or October 20, when the Vu Lan Festival takes place.

This day has a unique importance for children who give their mothers the loveliest gifts to show their love and respect.


• In Thailand

Mother's Day is observed on August 12 in Thailand, rather than May as it is in other nations. On this day, Thai customs generally include giving the mother a jasmine flower wreath and bowing to her. Mother's Day is also celebrated at Thai temples as a way for children to express their love for their mothers.

• In China

Every year on this day, kindergarten students wash their mother's feet as a gesture of thanks. This is a small gesture, yet it brings mothers joy and unending happiness.

• In Africa

Mother's Day is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May in South Africa. This is an important opportunity for children to thank their mother for her love and care.

On this day, South Africans often present flowers and cards to their mothers. Carnations are also given to mothers here, and there are a variety of other appealing activities to show appreciation to their mothers.

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