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The Surprisingly Origins and The Meaning of Mother's Day

Mar 09, 2022

History of Mother's Day

* What is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a day when everyone should return home and express feelings to their mothers for everything that they have done for them. This is not only a day to honor all mothers around the world, but also an occasion to show appreciation to the most important lady in your life, your mother. Have you ever wondered why and how this special date was established? If yes, let's discover the origin and the meaning of Mother’s Day with Makedtee.


1. What is the origin of Mother's Day's history?

Mother's Day can be traced back to Greek and Roman antiquity. The Mother's Gratitude Festival was held every spring, and the Greeks often sacrificed to the goddesses at the time, particularly the goddess Rhea, who was the mother of many gods in Greek mythology.

On March 15, Roman historians held the Hilaria spring festival in honor of their mother Cybele, according to another source. This event, on the other hand, was highly costly and lasted three days, with parades, games and masquerade balls, so the festival ended shortly after.

Another record confirms that the history of Mother's Day can be traced back to roughly 1600 in England. Every year, 40 days before Easter, this day is observed to honor mothers. Children, workers, and those who are away from home are urged to deliver flowers and fruit cakes to their mothers on Mother's Day. By the nineteenth century, however, this ritual had been forgotten.

Happy Mother

Mother's Day was founded in the United States by two women, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis and her daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis, after a lengthy period of neglect. Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, a woman from West Virginia, started "Mother's Day" 100 years ago with the goal of reuniting family affections that had been shattered by civil war. She wanted to host a special day every year to remember Mothers after creating the club. Unfortunately, she died before her wish could be fulfilled.

Anna Jarvis, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis's daughter, then took up the struggle to persuade the US Senate to organize Mother's Day across the country in order to achieve Mother's request. She planned the inaugural "Mother's Day" celebration at Andrews Methodist Church in 1908 after much effort. Families attended at several of these celebrations, which were hosted in Jarvis' hometown of Grafton, West Virginia, and many other places, in addition to Anna Jarvis' private celebration. Mother's Day had been a national holiday in most of the United States of America by 1911.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis and Anna Jarvis who founded Mother

President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution on May 8, 1914, establishing the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

2. What is the meaning Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day is a day dedicated to honoring moms, motherhood, the family's cohesive role, and the importance of mothers in society. Mother's Day is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world, with different times of celebration.

The most popular Mother's Day nowadays is held on the second Sunday in May.


Mothers do more than only give birth; they also nurture and teach us as we grow into adults. We are all safe in our mother's arms, whether we are still a little baby, a boy, a girl or an adult, joyful or sad, suffering, successful or failed. Therefore, many people appreciate this occasion so much.

On this day, children express their love and gratitude for their mothers in a variety of ways. We can send wishes, greetings, and many more. Don't forget to give your Mom sincere wishes on this special day, let her know that you love them, give them sincere words, tight hugs. Comes with a meaningful gift for mom, no need for expensive, luxurious gifts, the most important thing is your sincerity and affection.

Gifts for Mother

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The sunflower not only has a beautiful aspect, but it also has numerous amazing meanings and conveys a unique strong appearance.  The golden petals are shaped like the sun's rays, the sunflower always inspires the viewer with positive energy.

Furthermore, the canvas will convey the words you want to say, words of love and appreciation that you want to express to your dear mother from the bottom of your heart, and thanks for all the positive things you've learned from your parents. It's meaningful, isn't it?

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