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Size: 12x16in

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The vocals of "I'll Follow You" sound like classic Elton John, and the beautiful guitar solo over violins is evocative of Slash and Guns N' Roses' "November Rain," but the song is far from derivative. Its distinct sound, if anything, elevates it above the noise of modern-day hard rock music. Of course, Shinedown's vocals, which are nearly unrivaled in the genre, allow them to take melodic leaps that few others can. The song's emotion is vividly expressed by Smith's forceful delivery, despite the poetic lyrics giving listeners opportunity to guess what the song is really about. "I'll Follow You" makes you feel elevated and a little mournful at the same time, even if you don't know what it means. "I'll Follow You," like many great songs, stirs your emotions and makes you want to turn up the volume every time you hear it on the radio.

In a foggy, dreamlike field in the Alps, a young couple in love picks dandelions... Walking hand-in-hand to the edge of the mountain, gazing down at the water below. At the base of a falling waterfall, a beautiful moment was filmed. For two people who seem to need nothing but one other to have true happiness, a quiet location to wash the world away and live in the moment. A perspective from above of a developing romance that culminates in a wedding and a white picket fence. Images like this would seem out of place in a hard rock music video, but Shinedown makes it work well in the video for their latest single, "I'll Follow You," off their smash album Amaryllis.

"I'll Follow You" is a song that makes no concessions. It's a song about "No Compromise" in the literal sense. It's a song about not settling for second best and not settling for anything less. The song is full of examples of this. Shinedown employs the words in the same way as an artist employs a paintbrush to portray the story of unwavering devotion. The song is about loyalty and no compromise to a person, but it doesn't take much imagination to see how this idea might be applied to various aspects of life. If you are a fan of this song, this canvas is an ideal item for you!

 - A Full Framed Canvas brings warmth to wherever it is hung. Artwork is printed all around the border, creating sophistication for the product

 - The painting surface is made from canvas with sharp, realistic and durable images.
 - The frame is made of solid pine, light weight, and less susceptible to termites.
 - Perfect for decorating houses, gift for birthdays and weddings.

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