Foo Fighters Everlong Lyric Couple Typography Wall Art Print Canvas - MakedTee
Foo Fighters Everlong Lyric Couple Typography Wall Art Print Canvas - MakedTee
Foo Fighters Everlong Lyric Couple Typography Wall Art Print Canvas - MakedTee

Foo Fighters Everlong Lyric Couple Typography Wall Art Print Canvas Prints

Style: Canvas
Size(Inches): 11x14

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"Everlong" is a song by the Foo Fighters, an American rock band. It was released as the second single from their second studio album, The Color and the Shape, in August 1997. (1997). The song debuted at number three on the Billboard Alternative Songs list in the United States and at number three on the Canadian (RPM) Rock/Alternative chart in Canada. It is still the band's hallmark song.

Everlong was composed in the aftermath of Dave Grohl's first marriage to photographer Jennifer Youngblood, which ended in divorce. Grohl turned the initial riff into a complete song and wrote the lyrics after falling in love with a new woman, "That song's about a girl that I'd fallen in love with and it was basically about being connected to someone so much, that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you sing along with them you harmonise perfectly," he explained.

Like most humans, David Grohl is looking for something "that can last forever" because we intuitively understand that another metaphysical or spiritual condition of being must exist—after all, you can't define "hot" without "cold," as Socrates once stated. "You can't define greater without defining something that already exists." '' Everything exists as a "compound within a compound." "If death didn't exist, life wouldn't exist." If Immortality didn't exist, neither would Mortality, or death. As a result, we continue to seek "something real," "something everlasting."

People cry when they hear this song because it sounds almost like a prayer, as if it's reaching out to God or something more "everlasting" than our short, transient existence and the love and relationships we have here. We've all been separated from decent people we love, and we seek reassurance from God or something more "eternal" than ourselves.

According to the video, the two people performing the song have entered each other's dreams, detaching themselves from physical life and entering a spiritual/metaphysical existence in which they are in each other's dreams. The song's ending is CLASSIC. They awaken from their dreams, and their spiritual/dream/metaphysical life (whatever you want to call it) becomes a part of their everyday lives thanks to music. We all want to try to apply our "dreams" to reality, or the "spiritual, eternal nature of things" to the here-and-now physical world."

If you are a fan of this song, this item would be perfect for you!

 - A Full Framed Canvas brings warmth to wherever it is hung. Artwork is printed all around the border, creating sophistication for the product

 - The painting surface is made from canvas with sharp, realistic and durable images.
 - The frame is made of solid pine, light weight, and less susceptible to termites.
 - Perfect for decorating houses, gift for birthdays and weddings.

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